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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tithes: Sowing/Reaping

I like how people wanna call Mike Murdock a scammer. He only preaches what the Lord teaches.
Paying Tithes and sowing seeds is NOT a scam. The Bible talks about it constantly!

Give to the church, and ask God for something in return...

Every Sunday i exchange my tithes for the desires of my heart, and the Lord has not failed me yet.
He never has and i know without a doubt he never will!

I would care less if i sent Mike Murdock 1000 dollars, And he went to the grocery store and bought groceries with it... That would be NONE OF MY BUISNESS.

What is it anyone's buisness what your tithe money goes on? Your supposed to give it with a pure heart, and not even think about where it goes once you give it.

I dont think Mike Murdock is a scammer. I think he is a man of God. And even if he is a scammer (which i do not believe he is) I could care less. He is still preaching the word of God daily, and saving lives daily. That's more than what i've done in the last 5 years.And he knows the truth about Sowing & Reaping.

I pay my tithes EVERY SUNDAY.

And my FATHER IS THE PASTOR OF THE CHURCH which i pay my tithes to!

And i dont care if my Father was to pocket that money or put it on the light bills for the church,

It is nobody's buisness where the money of the tithes go........

Do you pay your tithes and think.. Hmm.. I wonder where my money is going next!?
If you do think that way then shame on you!! That's not giving with a pure heart.

That's giving with fleshly thoughts.

The Bible talks constantly about Tithing! It's something everyone should do!

Keep in mind... It's not where your money is going, It's what your putting your money in FOR.
Sow, and reap.

Give unto the Lord, Give unto the church!
If you pay your tithes; Tithe knowing God will bless you in return.

Quit being concerned about how the Tithes are being used afterwards.

Because that is NOT what matters.

What matters is YOUR GIVING out of a pure heart, and praying for a miracle in return, and God answering your prayers!

Also, you dont have to just give to YOUR church, or MIKE MURDOCK ministries, you can sow your seed into any church facility, and/or ministry. It's all the same.


  1. I remember when someone first came to me and said that the tithe was not commanded in the bible. I immediately went on the defense and decided to deeply study the bible on this issue.

    I was in for a surprise because the more i studied, the more i just couldn't make sense of it. Because i was so confused and had practiced tithing for so long, i just kept studying and studying it. It was hard programmed in me for years to obey tithing. All my friends, my family, my church had practiced and preached this for years.

    When i put tithing up against other principles that were also found prior to the Mosaic law, i couldn't defend tithing any longer. The sabbath, circumcision, clean animals, and sacrifices all came prior to the Mosaic law, and I found that all of my arguments to defend tithing could be also used to also validate these other laws into practice.

    Something doesn't add up when i can defend circumcision, sacrifices, the Sabbath, and clean animals in the same way that i can defend tithing. Please study the bible.

    - jared

  2. "t is nobody's buisness where the money of the tithes go........"

    That's just ignorant and naive. It's that type of lazy thinking and blind faith that allows for the horrible corruption which is occurring to occur. You say you don't care if someone like Mike Murdock is buying groceries with the money.. but what about if he's buying porn or prostitutes? But thats neither here nor there. The point is it DOES matter where the money goes. Giving money and turning a blind eye to what use it is put is just as sinful and giving with a greedy heart. If the money is being use to fuels illicit activities and you do not care you are to blame.

  3. Well i would hope and pray that someone wasnt spending the money on that kind of things, ESPECIALLY a man of God. And what i said, is NOT ignorant or naive.

  4. My point was.... It's not about the money, where it goes, how it is spent, who it is given to. It's about FAITH. And giving through faith. And expecting, and KNOWING God will bless you through your giving.

    Your obviously went a little too deep after reading my blog........... Calm down, Fido. Nobody is out to get you or hurt you, it was just a simple blog written by an extraordinay person.....

    Nobody should put too much thought into where the money goes afterwards........ If that's the case, people shouldnt give at all....

    Giving isnt about where it is going... It's all about the heart of the person who IS giving. And the blessing the other person receives.

    The point of the matter is..... IT SHOULDNT MATTER WHERE THE MONEY GOES. You should be giving out of faith and love...... Not concern.

    And your wrong.. Nobody is to blame for anything. You obviously missed the point....

    Typical fleshly thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I apprecaite the whole "Anonymous" posting by the way.. If your going to run your mouth, and voice your opinion, be real enough to state your name.............

  5. Daniel Spicer: You dont even know me

  6. You know what's funny: you say no one knows the real you, yet you post videos of your life on youtube all the time. I mean, who are people meant to send fan mail to - the fake youtube Charity who they aspire to or the real Charity which is frankly bullshit. You are the real Charity, and I do know the kind of person you are simply by having had conversations with you. You are completely ignorant of the religion you share. Why bother when you say things like Mike Murdoch is not a scammer, or giving money to Benny Hinn is legitimate tithing. Bullshit! Both preachers are scammers, do your research, Matthew 24:24, it's all there, are you really so stupid? So yes, I know you on some level and you can't hide behind that excuse because really, if you're not the real Charity on youtube, why are you deceiving so many people?

  7. Daniel.. Get over yourself. You dont know me.... The person you see in the videos is a real person, that's Me, But that doesnt mean that you are anybody else knows Me..

    What you see is portions of my life, The portions that i SHARE with people. That doesnt mean that you know Me... You know a recorded video of Me................ YOU DONT KNOW ME. Sorry.. Plain and simple.. Face it.. You dont.


    You can never fully know somebody untill you've actually spent time with that person, and gotten to know them, through good times, and bad times..... And your actually FRIENDS or something. We're not friends Daniel, I dont know you either....

    You see things and you know things about me, the things i share, But YOU DONT KNOW ME....

    Only people who have known me for years and know me in real life, who i talk to on a daily basis know me.

    You've never met me before. And just because i've replied to a few emails doesnt mean that you know me, or know anything about me... That is so funny..

    Just because i watch a million videos of IJUSTINE or any other YOUTUBER doesnt mean i know them. And maybe i've even spoken with a few of them a few times.. Still doesnt mean i know them.

    I watch videos of SHAYCARL and his entire family, children, wife, sisterinlaws, friends, Does that mean that I KNOW SHAY CARL? ....... No i do not.

    There is people i've known since i was a child, people my age, and adults, that doenst mean i know them or they know me.......... Im a person. Who lives an actual life. Im not just a face behind a computer screen....

    You should just stop contacting me.

  8. Why are you so intolerant? I just wanted to be friends and you act so distant. That's really sad and hypocritical.

    Seeing as you're so smart, figure this one out:

    1) You say Jesus is your friend, even though you only know him from reading a book on him and have one-sided conversations with him.

    Isn't that a bit extreme! God forbid!

  9. Im not Jesus, So you cant compare Me and what i have to say to him.

    And also, You are not trying to be friends with me, you are harassing me, and attacking me in innapropriate ways.

    Need i remind you of the last few emails you've sent me?

    The vulgar things you called me?

    Now.. Once again... I've asked you not to contact me anymore.

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